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Main Training Events and Conferences

The BeMAGIC network-wide events will consist of 8 on-site workshops/training schools and one virtual meeting, aimed at delivering a combination of unique Multidisciplinary Scientific Training and Soft Skills Training to the fellows. All Partners, members from the Advisory Board and 10 invited external experts will be involved in the training activities in order to guarantee a high-profile training programme


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  • Kick-off meeting (1.5 days)

    UAB (+ the rest)

    sortProf. J. Sort
    Overall project overview and planning; project management implementation.


    pellicerDr. E. Pellicer
    Training structure and continuous ESRs’ mentoring



    tibertoProf. P. Tiberto
    Recruitment strategy



    leistnerDr. K. Leistner
    Dissemination and outreach in BeMAGIC, advertisement video for the project 





    thepapermilllogoExtensive training in soft skills will be mainly provided and overviewed by “ThePaperMill"


  • Fundamentals of magnetoelectricity and how it can boost energy efficiency (2 days, online event)


    Network activity:

    • Get-together and project overview (day 1)
    • ESRs’ presentations (background and individual projects) (day 1)
    • Presentations of the Beneficiary partners and Partner Organizations (day 1)
    • Management session (day 1)

    Scientific training (2.5 ECTS): (day 2)

    lupuProf. N. Lupu, advisory board
    Shifting the energy paradigm: energy harvesting




    Dr. C. Song
    Overview of magnetoelectricity: fundamentals and applications; Prof. C.-W. Nan (advisory board)


    freitas Prof. P. P. Freitas 
    When spintronics meets biomedicine: merging IT with biomedical applications



    Soft skills training (1 ECTS): (day 2)

    astorinaDr. A. L’Astorina
    Responsible research and innovation (RRI): A new bet for scientists?



    ECTS remote evaluation (questionnaires on scientific lectures)



    thepapermilllogoExtensive training in soft skills will be mainly provided and overviewed by “ThePaperMill"


  • Training on synthetic and ME characterization methodologies (5 days, online event)


    Network activity:

    • Lab demonstration videos (day 3).
    • ESRs’ presentations (days 4 and 5).

    Scientific training (2.5 ECTS): (days 1, 2) open to 5-10 students of other Doctorate Programmes (e.g., Physics/Chemistry/Engineering) at IFW

    nielschProf. K. Nielsch
    Growth of 1D magnetic nanostructures



    pellicerDr. E. Pellicer
    Electrodeposition of nanoporous metal deposition



    rizziDr. P. Rizzi
    Dealloying strategies



    mikulickovaL. Mikuličková
    Scale-up fabrication of thin films by sputtering' and ISO certifications



    cowburnProf. R. Cowburn
    New instrumentation for nanomagnetism with emphasis on ME measurements



    menendezDr. E. Menéndez
    Structural and ME characterization techniques: lab-scale and synchrotron capabilities



    tibertoDr. P. Tiberto
    Nanoscale characterization of lithographed ME materials



    NeugebauerDr. P. Neugebauer
    High frequency electron spin resonance: today and tomorrow



    Soft skills training (1.5 ECTS): (days 2, 3 and 4) open to 5-10 students of other Doctorate Programmes (e.g., Physics /Chemistry/Engineering) at IFW

    maierDr. T. Maier
    Scientific Publishing & How to read a Paper: extracting key information from a paper, literature searching and management, structuring a paper, the peer-review system, metrics, plagiarism, authorship and conflicts of interest, publishing vs. idea and product protection (IPR)



    lucasDr. G. Lucas
    Core communication skills, time and project management. Building a cohesive cohort and group identity, planning your working day, task prioritisation, digital tools for efficient time and project management




    SB and SC meetings (day 3)

    Mid-Term meeting between REA and the Consortium (days 4 and 5)

    ECTS evaluation (problem-solution in groups)



    thepapermilllogoExtensive training in soft skills will be mainly provided and overviewed by “ThePaperMill"





  • BeMAGIC Summer School: Setting gateway to academia (6 days)


    Network activity:

    • ESRs oral presentations (day 1)

    Scientific training (2.5 ECTS): (days 3, 4)

    nielschProf. S. Tolbert (advisory board)
    Innovative ME architectures. State of the art on magnetoelectricity in USA

    FontcubertaProf. J. Fontcuberta
    Advanced oxide materials for electronics: oxitronics

    MalliarasProf. G. Malliaras
    Electronic materials and neuro-engineering

    TrajanovicProf. M. Trajanovic
    Bridging Eastern and Western science. The common path

    Soft skills training (1.5 ECTS): (days 5, 6)

    BrageProf. T. Brage
    Ostracized figures: uncovering the truth of women in STEM fields and current initiatives towards enhancing gender equality opportunities

    GonzálezQ. González
    Appling to individual MSCA fellowships

    NicolencoDr. Aliona Nicolenco
    A success academic story: the experience of an ex-ESR from the SELECTA-ETN project

    LucasDr. G. Lucas
    Introduction to scientific publishing and how to read a paper

    nielschProf. J. Driscoll
    Meet and editor

    SB and SC meetings (day 5)

    ECTS remote evaluation (individual questionnaire on scientific/soft
    skills lectures)

  • Winter school: Magnetoelectricity in biomedicine: healthcare for the 21st century (5 days)


    Network activity:

    • ESRs oral presentations (days 1, 2)

    • Planning of secondments between ESRs and senior researchers

    Scientific training (3 ECTS): (days 1, 2, 3)

    Chen Dr. X. Chen
    Anticancer therapies using ME materials

    Pego Dr. A. Pego
    Biochemical and biophysical technologies for in-vitro studies

    Guger Dr. G. Guger
    Brain Computer Interfacing

    Ciofani Dr. G. Ciofani
    Wireless nanomedicine: the potential of piezoelectric nanomaterials in the clinical practice

    Pané Dr. S. Pané
    Introduction to small scale swimmers: fundamentals and applications

    Khizroev Prof. S. Khizroev
    Magnetoelectric 'spin' on stimulating the brain

    Puigmartí Prof. J. Puigmartí
    Microfluidic technologies for chemistry and materials engineering

    Soft skills training (0.5 ECTS): (days 4, 5)

    Lucas Dr. G. Lucas
    Oral Becoming a scientific writer: putting why? before how?

    SB and SC meetings (day 3)

    ECTS evaluation (problem-solution video in groups) (day 2)

  • Joint Meeting of the BeMAGIC and MagnEFi ITN networks (AALTO)


    Network activity:

    • • ESRs oral presentations (days 4, 5)

    Scientific training (2.5 ECTS): (days 3, 4)

    GattinoniDr. C. Gattinoni
    DFT simulations of magnetoelèctric materials and their application in energy


    Dr. M. Trassin
    Electric field control of magnetisme using multiferroics


    Prof. H. Kurebayashi
    Electric-field control of magnetisme in van der Waals magnet Cr2Ge2Te6



    MalinowskiDr. G. Malinowski
    Hot electron induced ultrafast demagnetization and magnetization reversal




    Dr. A. Fernández-Pacheco
    New frontiers in nanoscale magnetisme: towards three dimensional materials and devices





    Prof. J. McCord
    Highly sensitive composite magnetoelectric magnetic field sensors -the role of magnètic domanins




    Dr. K. Leistner
    Electrochemical synthesis and magneto-ionic control of iron-based magnetic nanostructures




    Soft skills training (1 ECTS): (days 1)



    J. Christopher
    Preparation for approcahing the job market



    SB and SC meetings (day 4)

    ECTS remote evaluation (report on the on the sustainability of the individual projects)





  • Gateway to industry: innovation, entrepreneurship and marketable products using ME technology (4 days)


    Network activity:

    • ESRs oral presentations (days 1, 2), visit to G.TEC company and practical demonstrations (day 2)
    • Mock interview game (targeting academic or industry positions) (day 2)
    • GTEC practical session (day 3)

    Scientific training (2.5 ECTS): (day 3)

    SunProf. N. Sun
    Multiferroics in academia, industry and commercialization





    GruenwaldDr. J. Gruenwald
    Brain stimulation




    SanchezDr. M. Sanchez-Vives
    Modulation of cortical activity by exogenous electric fields




    XuDr. R. Xu
    GTEC practical session




    Soft skills training (1 ECTS): (days 2)


    Prof. D. Ravelosona
    IPR and spin-off companyies
    Entrepreneurship, IPR, commercial funding options, working with academia, commercial strategy, spin-offs.


    GruenwaldDr. J. Gruenwald
    How to manage a BCI hackathon




    SB and SC meetings (day 1)

    ECTS on-site evaluation (mock interviews) (day 2)





  • BeMAGIC conference 2023 (4 days)


    Scientific training (1.5 ECTS)

    KoopmanDr. B. Koopman
    Towards photonic -spintronic Integration




    KimDr. M. Kim
    Superelastic and shape-memory magnetoelèctric nancomposites



    ArregiDr. J. A. Arregi
    Imaging magnetic phase coexistence in spatially confined metamagnets



    ChiaramelloDr. E. Chiaramello
    Magnetoelectric nanostructure for neural modulation: a computational framework



    KozielskiProf. K. Kozielski
    Wireless neuronal stimulation via injectable nanoelectrodes




    LeistnerDr. K. Leistner
    Strategies for the electrodeposition of ultrathin magnetic films and nanostructures



    OnoDr. S. Ono
    Development of iontronics




    SoldatovDr. I. Soldatov
    Kerr microscopy for domain imaging



    CoissonDr. M. Coisson
    Nanomaterials characterisation through magnetic field dependent atomic force microscopy



    CamsariDr. K. Camsari
    Nanoelectronics, spintronics, emerging technologies for computing, digital and mixed-signal VLSI, neuromorphic and probabilistic computing, quantum computing, hardware acceleration



    SortProf. J. Sort
    Magnetoionics for neuromorphic computing



    StavicDr. S. Stavic
    The interlayer coupling of two-dimensional magnets



    YangDr. B. Yang
    Moire magnetic exchange interactions in twisted magnets




    Soft skills training (1 ECTS)

    Contribution to the conference organization (e.g. website, symposium titles, programme and schedule, dissemination)

    ECTS remote evaluation (by overseeing ESRs’ managerial activities in IOCMEM-1 and their performance during poster presentation).



  • Final meeting & Exhibition: Project outreach, and sustainability (4 days)


    Network activity:

    • BeMAGIC Workshop & Exhibition open to all PhD students of the Doctorate Programme in Materials Science at UAB, to all neighboring Research Institutes and to relevant stakeholders (day 1)
    • Poster/oral presentations from young researchers from BeMAGIC (day 1)
    • Demonstration of BeMAGIC prototypes by ESRs (day 1)
    • Visit to ALBA synchrotron (day 1)
    • Guided tour of the UAB facilities (day 2)

    Scientific lecture: (day 2)

    sortProf. J. Sort
    Enabling magneto-ionics for brain-inspired memory applications



    tibertoDr. H. Ye
    Magnetoelectrics for biomedical applications



    pellicerDr. E. Pellicer
    Overview of the training carried out in BeMAGIC



    leistnerDr. A. Quintana
    CMOS compatible multiferroic heterostructures based in ferroelectric HfO2



    Management meeting (day 2); Future plans: looking for new joint ventures (day 2)

    ECTS on-site evaluation (exhibition and technical presentations by the ESRs) (days 1)