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BeMAGIC ESR12 - Hidelberto Macedo (Voxalytic)
Vibrating sample magnetometer (UAB)
BeMAGIC ESR14 - Song Chen (SPIN-ION)
BeMAGIC ESR4 - Muireann de h'Ora (UCAM)
Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) (UCAM)
Patterning techniques on magnetic layers (INRIM)
Magneto optical kerr microscopy with in situ electrochemical option (IFW)
How to do periodic colloidal self assembly of carboxyl modified latex beads (ICN2)
How does electrodeposition work (UAB)
DFT and modeling of multiferroics (CNR)
cortiQ real time brain mapping using electrocorticogram EcoG (GTEC)
Basic Operation of a Sputteing System (UAB)
Atom probe tomography APT (KIT)
RecoveriX stroke rehabilitation (GTEC)
The Hall Effect Measurement (SPIN-ION)
The SPM laboratory (INRIM)
TR MOKE microscopy (AALTO)