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Instituto Nacional de Engenharia Biomédica

Porto, Portugal


The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (INEB) ( is a private non-profit association with the statute of public interest founded in 1989. The Mission of INEB is to generate knowledge by promoting research, advanced training and technology transfer in biomedical engineering. INEB is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary research institution where integrative engineering solutions are applied to improve human health, involving specialists in biomaterials, tissue regeneration, nanomedicine, bioimaging, medical signals, geoepidemiology, biology and medicine. In 2008 INEB established the consortium i3S – Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (, together with the University of Porto, the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMC) and the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of UPorto (IPATIMUP). In 2014, i3S was among the 11 national institutions rated as “Exceptional” by the national Foundation for Science and Technology.

  • Type: Academic
  • Country: Portugal
  • Dept/Lab: NanoBiomaterials for Targeted Therapies Group
  • Scientist in charge: Dr. Ana Paula Pego
  • Team: Dr. Ana Paula Pego

Rua Alfredo Allen 208, 4200-135 Porto, Portugal