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Originality and innovative aspects of the research programme

Intersectoral approach and synergies


BeMAGIC is devised in a way that the interaction between all the scientists-in-charge at each institution and the ESRs will be highly interwoven not only through the planned secondments, exchange of samples, and attendance at BeMAGIC workshops, but also interactively through a virtual learning environment (VLE) platform. All fellows will enjoy from both academic and industrial environments so that they become the best actors to bridge or seal the gaps existing between academia and private sectors.


BeMAGIC gathers a world-class balanced combination of fundamental and applied multi-disciplinary scientists/engineers across Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, or Biotechnology, including SMEs, large companies, teaching universities and research institutions. BeMAGIC brings together a balanced combination of Research Teams and Private Companies from different disciplines to ensure the success of the Training activities. The Beneficiary and Partner Organizations are complementary to each other in many aspects:

  • Available infrastructure
  • Background of the Senior Researchers (Chemists, Physicists, Engineers, Biologists, etc.)
  • Academic versus Industrial know-how
  • theoretical versus experimental skills
  • Eastern versus Western Europe

Gender balance is taken into account in the Consortium. Although women are typically under-represented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), BeMAGIC gathers 6 (out of 13) (i.e., >46%), female Scientists-in-Charge as Beneficiary Partners.

The Training, Recruitment, Gender&Diversity, and Dissemination&Outreach Managers are female. Two of the SMEs acting as Beneficiary Partners are led by women. In any case, although the research outcome of BeMAGIC does not differentiate, a priori, between male/female end-users, the training will be oriented in a way to provide equal opportunities for female and male ESRs in view of future jobs, aiming to achieve gender equality in these areas in the near future.

Equal opportunities

Gender balance



The field of ME materials applied to ITs and HTs is rather new and has not sufficiently reached university syllabuses. There are several scientific and technological challenges to be faced, which the Network seeks to overcome:

  • New materials, synthetic methods and instrumentation: while some Partners have deep expertise on the synthesis of ME, some of the companies will provide the tools for new instrumental development.
  • Novel mechanisms to induce ME effects: BeMAGIC offers a Research Programme in which several ME mechanisms (strain-mediated, charge accumulation, magneto-ionic, etc.) will be jointly investigated in order to disentangle mixed contributions and give response to technological demands in a convenient manner.                                          

BeMAGIC will exploit new applications of ME materials in very innovative areas, such as wireless deep neural stimulation, cell electrofusion, anti-counterfeiting magnetic security systems or magnonics.

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