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BeMAGIC project is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network that offers the possibility to pursue the PhD within the Network at different universities/research centers/companies across Europe. 15 PhD positions are funded by the European Community under Horizon 2020. The fellows will pursue research in magnetoelectric (ME) nanomaterials aiming to face important societal challenges linked to energy-efficiency, data security and health. The project encompasses the design, synthesis, characterization and integration of ME materials into a variety of applications that share in common the combined action of electric and magnetic fields: advanced security systems, lowpower data storage, spintronic/magnonic devices, electric-field assisted anti-cancer drug delivery, cell electrofusion and deep neural stimulation. The duration of the appointment is 3 years and Marie Curie eligibility criteria must be respected.

PhD position at Voxalytic

Project Title: Using magnetoelectric materials as adaptive flux guides for magneto-inductive waves.

Objectives: To develop composite ME materials whose polarization state can be tuned by strain; structural characterization; to use these materials as flux guides for the transfer of electromagnetic waves between coils (waveguides); to structure the piezoelectric sheets in a way to locally resolve/define stress/strain patterns, hence, magnetic polarization.

Expected results: Tuneable coupling between the waves and the receiver by modifying the applied voltage; enhancement of positioning freedom (horizontally and vertically) for wireless energy transfer in mobile devices (IoT industry, medical technology, environmental monitoring.


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Magnetoelectric materials: why now and why in Europe?

What makes ME materials so special is their ability to simultaneously respond to external electric and magnetic stimuli

Research methodology and approach

BeMAGIC is organized in 8 interdisciplinary Work Packages

Intersectorial approach and synergies

BeMAGIC gathers a world-class balanced combination of fundamental and applied multi-disciplinary scientists/engineers across Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, or Biotechnology